tips to place the TV correctly in the room

The arrival of the cold season encourages us to enjoy again inside our home, and one of the most common actions in the room is to watch new TV series with which to spend many hours on the sofa. At any time and at your own pace, you will surely do real marathons on some occasions.

Today we show you how to place the TV correctly in your living room so that you only worry about looking for your perfect series and, of course, the time to enjoy it. Write down these tips.

Tips To Place The TV Correctly In The Room

Take Good Space

If there are plenty of meters in your room, this may be a very interesting option for you. You can hire a professional to build a huge bookcase to place the TV and leave all the connections and cables ready. Preferred materials are sheetrock, brick or MDF wood. This type of bespoke bookshelves have the advantage of integrating very well with the rest of the room’s decoration. In addition, it will be a great resource for storing many objects. How about?

If you don’t like the TV design, hide it

There are more beautiful TV models than others, but the truth is that almost none is integrated «well» in the room. If it bothers you to always have it in sight, you can integrate it into a custom-made piece of furniture and install sliding panels to hide it. That way you’ll know it’s there, but you won’t see it. To succeed with this option, you must correctly choose the material of the furniture and the doors so that it integrates with the decoration of the rest of the room. And do not forget the light, since it is essential that you plan a general and ambient lighting system to avoid uncomfortable reflections on the TV

On a piece of furniture: the easiest option!

It may be one of the most chosen options when there are no space problems. You just have to choose a piece of furniture according to the style of your room and place the TV on it, although it is safer to install it on a wall bracket.

If you decide to place the TV on a piece of furniture, it is important that you plan the power outlets. So you can also install a console, a DVD player or any other device. And the cables will not be in sight!

And if I have a fireplace … where do I put the TV?

Many people do not know if it is possible to place a TV on a fireplace. The answer is yes, but as long as it is properly insulated from heat. An alternative may be to integrate the TV into the wall, as you see in the picture. If you also hide it with a sliding panel, you will have excellent heat protection.

Another option is to hang it directly on the wall, but leaving a space between the fireplace and the TV to protect it from heat and that it deviates. In both cases it is important that you have the advice of a professional to help you.

In a corner? If possible

Look closely at this example. The homeowners did not find a place to place the TV, but with a base it can be placed in an area of ​​the room where it does not bother. If you opt for this option, plan the electrical and antenna connections. We recommend you choose a rotating base, so you can change the position of the TV if reflections are generated or if you want to see it from another area of ​​the room.

And you, do you have your TV ready for the series marathon? Where did you finally put it?

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