4 rules for using colors in your kitchen

The color of the walls of your kitchen is almost as important as the hue that you select in the coatings of the same. Choosing the wrong color can have unwanted results, from overloaded kitchens to excessively suffocating lightless spaces. For this reason, it is convenient to think well, they are the best and the worst colors to paint your kitchen. We give you some ideas that you can put into practice.

White is not always the most appropriate

The truth is that the white color is still, today, one of the most recurring options in interior paint. Also in the kitchen. It is the most economical color, but, in addition, it increases the sensation of amplitude and improves the natural light of the area, being therefore a highly recommended color in small kitchens. White also allows you to play with other shades, so that by painting another wall of a different color, or through kitchen furniture, different contrasts can be achieved. However, it is the color with the least visual impact in relation to other cheerful colors. Also, if the kitchen furniture is white, it may result in an environment that is too monotonous and linear.

Orange walls in your kitchen

Orange is a happy color. In addition, they say that this color encourages communication. It is ideal for younger kitchens, but we cannot forget that depending on the shade of orange we choose, it can be a color that improves the quality of the kitchen. Taking this into account, and that also combines perfectly with materials such as wood, orange can be selected for rustic or neo-rustic kitchens. If you prefer white furniture, or even steel, you will not have problems in combining them with the color orange. Of course, consider that excessively small kitchens may be smaller with this color, especially if you use a very strong orange.

Chocolate tones for an ethnic kitchen

Chocolate and coffee tones, in general, are warm and welcoming. Contrary to what we imagine, they are not exclusive to use with white furniture. The truth is that chocolate tones are the ideal companion for wooden kitchens. Of course, especially light wood kitchens, since if you opt for darker coatings, the set would darken the area too much. Again, use this color in spaces that have a powerful source of natural light, especially if you chose the darkest ones.

Between gray and blue

Colors like bluish gray are a trend, also in the kitchen. The best of all is that it is a shade that can be incorporated without problems in smaller kitchens, since its visual load is not as much as with orange or yellow colors. As for the combination with the furniture, this color looks good with white coatings, but it also has no problem being mixed with gray or even with light wood.

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