Discover the house that consumes the same as a spotlight

You read well. Nowadays there are houses all over the world that consume the same as a simple focus. The trick? These are bio-passive homes. In Europe there are currently some examples of houses that claim to consume very little, thus becoming the dream home for all those who tremble when they receive the dreaded electricity bill. Do you want to know more details? Keep reading!

What Is A Passive House?

Passive houses or passivhaus are a type of sustainable housing, built to have the lowest possible energy expenditure: they consume up to 90% less energy than a traditional home, since they maintain an interior comfort temperature without using heating in winter or air conditioning in summer. Therefore, we could say that they are self-sufficient houses on an energy level. How do they do it? Well, thanks to the bioclimatic design.

What is bioclimatic design?

The objective of the bioclimatic design is to take advantage of the weather conditions and the available natural resources of the place.

Respect for nature

The sun, the vegetation, the rain frequency, wind, etc., were scientifically studied to design the house so that its interaction with the natural environment was harmonious.

From fiction to reality

The house we present today is particularly interesting because of the size, the location and energy cost. In this house, located in the Sierra de Madrid and being the largest passive wooden house that There are in Spain, exclusively natural and recycled materials were used.

Energy saving

Due to perfect thermal insulation, energy consumption is reduced considerably. In short, bioclimatic houses are hermetic houses.

During most of the year, the house is able to maintain a comfort temperature (21º) with a consumption equivalent to that of a 30 watt bulb. Only the coldest days of the year, taking into account that in the Sierra de Madrid temperatures can reach -9º, it is necessary to light the chimney, with which they heat up the two floors of the house quickly.

Only during the coldest 2 months of the year, the maximum air conditioning expense for this house of 650 square meters and two floors is very low compared to the electricity and heating receipts that reach many departments of just 80 m2. During the rest of the year, consumption is equivalent to a 30-watt bulb. Do you live in an apartment? Well, now do memory… How much do you spend on light and heating? Surely if you add, it is much more than what you would spend on this home.

You might think that building a passive house should be very expensive, but it is not so, since it can cost the same as a house conventional. Of course, it will depend on the size and finishes you want to put, but it can be said that the cost of a standard biopassive house measuring between 180 and 200 square meters is Dolares 1,000 / m2

Remember that the main advantage of a passive house, in addition to respect for the environment, is energy savings (more than 90% compared to a brick house), which has become known as ‘energy mortgage’. Add and multiply for all the years in which you would live in your home. Would be
profitable, true?

What do you think of this bioclimatic house? Has this type of architecture convinced you?

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